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November 8, 2012: Presentation of the APE@ICARUS@work #12 in Prishtina (Kosovo)

This workshop focuses on introducing archival projects in the Digital Era, connecting archives transnationally and digitally, to the archival landscape in Kosovo.

The workshop will be partly lectures, partly practical exercises on digital archives. Within the lecture "International archival projects and archives in a digital environment" ICARUS, ICARUSnet, APEx / the Archives Portal Europe, ENArC and further similar initiatives will be presented. Further focus will be on the use of standards within archives in Kosovo. Practical exercises on ISAD (G), (CPF) and ISDIAH using the example of ARHInet and ICARUSnet will round of the event.

The Archives Portal Europe will be presented within the lecture "International archival projects and archives in a digital environment".

Programme available here (only on Croatian).