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ArchivesPortal new #featdoc ! thanks Lithuanian Historical Archives for 1579 bull establishing @VU_LT only on…
ArchivesPortal RT @dongensis: the @EASSection of @archivists_org is interested in status of #EAD3 implementation, pls fill in the survey
ArchivesPortal From #archivesportal today in 2009 #Greenland had self-rule +other country to leave @EuropeanUnion36 before #Brexit
ArchivesPortal RT @ArchivosEst: Muchos refugiados españoles en Francia en 1940 fueron deportados a los campos nazis #DiaInternaci
ArchivesPortal RT @dongensis: finally: no more plaster ... just in time for testing the next @ArchivesPortal release: changes in apeMETSrights and @Europe

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